David Letterman
after our Oct. 9th show at The Red Lion
“Nothin’ but fun!”
Paul Shaffer
Composer; musical director
“What a great show! Strong vocals. And you made the people want to dance!”
Grammy-winning record producer
“To simply ‘cover’ a song is one thing. But to communicate it’s magic – to capture its essence and then sustain that magic and mystery with such chemistry and proficiency and warmth and good nature and musicality and musicianship – well, that’s quite another.”
President, Grand Central Partnership
Thank you to the Truants for making The Grand Central Partnership’s 2019 Summer Solstice Music Festival such a HIT!
We loved that you got to perform in the Plaza – with the “backdrop” of iconic Grand Central Terminal- and we know the dancing crowd did as well- and how lucky the guests at the restaurant were to also be members of the audience for your amazing show!
We look forward to seeing- and hearing – you again soon!!
Former musical director for Bette Midler
“What a band! What a setlist!”
TV and film writer and producer
“Unbelievable. The Truants second set is like a Thursday morning at Bleecker Bob’s vintage record store.”
Brian Cosgrove
Host “Afternoon Ramble” WPPB-FM
“You guys sound amazing! And I don’t use the word ‘amazing’ often.”
The Laurie Morvan Band
“Absolutely slammin’ at Musikfest!”
Sound Engineer, The Red Lion
“This is the most crowded we’ve been on a Sunday night in months.”
Dave Jackson
Charleston, SC
“Most Just Damn Plain Fun concert I’ve ever been to….”
Daisy W.
“My girlfriends and I danced non-stop for three hours, then they asked me, ‘When’s the next Truants gig?'”
Mark B.
Boston, MA
“Totally authentic. The Truants are tight, have the harmonies down, and they rock hard.”